My Love For You…!

10 thoughts on “My Love For You…!”

  1. I certainly did and it wasn’t just the food, it was the whole experience, so different to UK and I had not travelled much to Asia then so it was all very new and amazing.

    I would love to get back but it is like so many other places I have visited and loved. I would love to return but there are so many other places I want to go that I have not yet been. It is the old travelling problem of sp any places and so little time.


      1. I know we have so many “Indian” restaurants, most of which (at least in SE England where I live) are actually Bngladeshi owned and run but what did you think of British food? Was it too bland for you?


      2. Yes, I agree. They are owned by Bangladeshi and also, it reflects in their food. I m a spice lover so I love spicy food and it was a challenge there to get one. But I enjoyed British food because I love exploring different cuisines so not too bland for me.

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